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Meet the Team

We are a group of friends that have gotten together to form our own studio below you will get to see our current members which we are looking to grow so if you would like to join us and help us create our game then please sign up by clicking on recruiting on the top Menu we will get back to you as soon as we can,
from all the team here at DarkStorm Studios welcome.

We will respond to you as soon as we can and we will arrange a time for you to join us on either our Discord Server or Teamspeak server  so we can go through everything with you and get to know you better. We look forward to hearing from you.

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John Helyar

John Helyar


After many years of playing games with Lee and doing a lot of Beta Testing on many games out there, we both decided with what we learned that it was time that we put our skills to good use so we decided to start up our own Game Studio which we have no started, we have decided on our first project and have talked about things over and over and come up with a design for our game what we want to see in it and how things will work drawing on our knowledge from playing and testing games.

I started working some time ago on a Mod for Battlefield 2 doing just some basic 3D models of buildings and playing about with a bit of code here and there since then my skills in 3D modeling and working with Code has improved a lot, I have now started using Photoshop a lot to make textures for my models even if there just place holders till new and improved ones can be created

I keep pushing my self to learn new skills so that I can help out in all area’s of the game development along with Lee we oversee all area’s of Development but I will admit I love diving in and getting in there whether it is 3D Models, Textures, Blueprints or a bit of Level Design

My Main Goal is to create a game that everyone will enjoy playing and keep coming back for more

Lee Wickham

Lee Wickham


I have always been an avid gamer, I simply love getting lost in the lore and story that most good quality AAA Class games provide, and with a friend like John alongside me were always having a good laugh and an absolute adventure. having played most genres of games, both john and I noticed that as the years went on the focus of the games seemed to change from letting the players figure out the game with minimal prompting to nigh on hand holding the players and pushing them through to the next level. As an old school gamer who was raised on games such as Doom, Duke Nukem, and Quake that was one of the big things I wanted to bring back to the gaming world, so when the opportunity arose to create our own game design studio I knew It was one of those choices in life that YES was always going to be the answer to.

Primarily I am a programmer, having learned multiple languages, self-taught, I have a very high thirst for knowledge and love all forms of challenges, so naturally was drawn to the huge challenge and learning curves of working with a AAA class game engine to create a vision that John and myself developed over several long skype sessions.

Many years ago I got into beta testing a mod for Battlefield 2 called ROKII, eventually, I started coming up with fixes to the bug I was finding faster than the dev team could process my bug reports, so they eventually offered me a position alongside them as a developer, from there I let my thirst for knowledge grow and started learning python scripting and other aspects of the Refractor 2 engines code base. Since I have helped est Most EA Battlefield Titles as well as then branching forward to Quality Assure Test Stargate Worlds & Stargate Resistance.

I am always looking for places where I can learn more and increase my knowledge of programming. Along with John We oversee all areas of the game development and design. My main aim with starting my own studio is to make games that gamers such as my self, John, and the rest of the studio love playing.

Kieran New

Kieran Helyar

Senior Developer

I’m a college student starting a 2-year course on game development, I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember, so I thought that it would be amazing to have a go at making my own game with all the ideas I have accumulated over the many years.

The main aspect of the game that I will be putting most of my focus into will be the level design along with helping with creative design input into the overall gameplay of our game, I will also lend a hand with any other aspect of the development of the game to help me broaden my knowledge.

I also looking into helpful guides and anything that will help us progress further so you could say I love doing research into how things work as well.
Also, I will oversee our social media accounts to keep them up to date with all the newest additions to our games.

Lucy Wallace

Lucy Wallace

Junior Developer

Hi, I’m Lucy! Otherwise known online as ‘strwbrrysoda22’, I’ve been a game fanatic ever since my at-the-time toddler brain worked out how to use a keyboard.

I first started out playing games like Sonic Adventures DX and the Hitman series (Thanks dad!). Growing up I have come across thousands of different games which have left me wanting to travel down the developmental path to learn to create my own. The two most defining and inspirational games to me being ‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ and ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’. (Seriously if you haven’t yet, try them).

I am working here at DarkStorm Studios as a Junior Developer, while also studying online courses in Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and Software Testing. I am aiming to eventually focus on sound and/or level design aspects but will be branching out in all areas. My main goal while being part of this team is to help produce a game that will one day be someone else’s inspiration to venture into the world of game design, much like how I started.

I don’t have a preferred genre, so if something looks good to me, I’ll try it. When I play something, I know what makes it fun, I know what colour palettes and scenery will be optimally attractive to players, I know what script and sound or music would be fitting (If any), and I usually know what reviews are going to say before I’ve read them. Call me biased, but I know what makes a game worthy of the players time and dedication to it, and am ready to apply this knowledge to future games for everyone to enjoy!

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Nick Stathakis – Benched

Senior Developer

Hi, there my name is Nick Stathakis aka KGBTerminator. A little about me well I grew up playing video games ranging from handheld ones with the bleeps and bloops to consoles and finally PC.

From all the years playing video games, I wanted to do something more than playing a game. I wanted to get into the game itself by changing a few things and my niche was geared towards textures.

I knew there was always room for improvement especially when it came to the visual aspect of the game the wow factor not only gameplay but the scenery itself right down to the clothing and handheld items such as weapons knives shovels forks etc.

Well I started to learn how to use photoshop which is a fantastic tool in my opinion when it comes to creating cool textures.i’ve been using that program for over ten years you can say I started using this program after 2010 lol but it has gone even better and more versatile. So I’m having loads of fun working with DSS Lee John Keiran great guys and a great team to be a part of.

Currently Benched as taken time out to look after Family

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